RCA (Network of Self-Managed Collectives) is a mutual aid network formed by various proyects in Madrid, for whom self-management is a means and an end in order to develop their lives and livelihoods , trying to stay out of the prevailing injustice of capitalism.

We have created this network to battle against the stale formulas of the current system of economic and social domination that only rewards selfishness, submissive obedience, sacrifice, exploitation, profit and property, to which we oppose with our own ways and values, based on the assembly and on horizontality, in the search for a collective solution without the need to compete, preferring to cooperate.

We are all equals ,with one unison voice, not obeying the orders from anyone.

Accordingly, between the members of the RCA, groups seek to create synergies and support that allow the realisation of the aspirations of all member projects, its perpetuation and viability, as well as the creation of egalitarian social and economic relations between the self-managed societies.


The basic principles of the RCA are free association and mutual aid. The groups associated with the RCA are fully autonomous in the exercise of our activity and we are only bound by one common denominator : the agreements freely signed in the General Assembly.

The management of resources and the decision-making, made in the assembly, prevents and positions us frontally against any form of exploitation, understood as the alienation of the produced, even though it’s of one’s own will and decision-making, e.g. if a person does not have ownership of what is produced or have no opportunity to decide on what is produce, that person is being exploited.

In turn, we reject profit as the end of any economic activity, once met our needs in a sufficient and dignified manner we do not seeking mere accumulation of capital or profit, and surpluses are allocated to projects (both existing and new ones) and we aim to extend egalitarian methods of relating, transcending all possible areas and enabling self-management to become a reality for society as a whole.


We’re us, but also you, we are all persons who suffer life under capitalism, and we do not want to waste life suffering, for others to profit from us.

We are the people that are tired of taking orders, but at the same time we don’t want to give orders to others. There shall not be more bosses, supervisors, middle-management, directors or any kind of tyrants or despots.

We are tired of people being valued by their possessions and we have decided to reject private property and let the collective come first, collectivising not only the material but also knowledge and resources.

We are those who reject the current mercantile system and our conditions as wage-earners based on exploitation and we are tired of living life in terms of money and prefer to act according to the real needs of people and their passions.
We have simply learned to put into practice what we always desired, self-managing our lives and banish that unpleasant feeling of not belonging to us ourselves but to the reproduction and accumulation of goods, profit and power of the ruling classes.

In short, we are people and collectives that cover many different areas, producing services of all kinds; also artistic, cultural, political and social (or even none of the above) but we have one common denominator: the desire to transform this society and reach self-management, making all our decisions in the assembly.


The goal of the RCA is to build economic, political and social structures that support and promote social transformation who is free and equal and that enable people to develop without constraints.

We also intend to provide ourselves with a decent medium that allows us to live as happily as possible, encouraging and creating a society where people are free and autonomous.


Self-management is the social organisation that recognises our power to manage our own lives through assemblies, turning each one of us in the proprietor of our own lives through the harmonisation of individual rights and interests, in pursuit of a collective good.

We understand the self as a whole and we want self-management of liberties, and we do not want structures of oppression channelled in the name of self-management.

Self-management rejects external interference and impositions, whether legal, economic or of otherwise shape and we will not obey to that which does not emanate from the decision of the Assembly.

The criteria for inclusion in the RCA are:

  • Carry out a non-profit social or economic activity of production, services or consumption (or all above).
  • Striving for social transformation.
  • One single decision-making authority : the horizontal assembly.
  • Not exploit workers.
  • Not depend on private or state grants/subsidies.